Friday, 8 May 2009

Pink Zigzag Almost Done!

Here's the progress I've made over the past week:

The top was pieced (I added some blocks/half blocks, because I couldn't use the triangle cut offs from one side to add to the other side as I didn't use the same colour for every second zigzag strip as CrazyMom did in her tutorial)

Edges cropped:

Backing taped to the floor - I picked a light pink cotton fabric with multi-sized and -coloured bubbles. The fabric has a relief, a bit waffled, I guess. I thought that'd be neat for a babyquilt that lies on the floor, and the last baby quilt I gave away is the same size and is usually folded in half to cover the baby, so the softer cotton top can be on both sides when the quilt is used as a blanket).

Batting and top added, and the whole sandwich pinned together - with a lot of pins, because I had to stretch the batting just a little bit - it was left over from another baby quilt.

Here it is quilted and trimmed, looks the same, no? There are close up photos below.

I was trying to come up with a different way of quilting this one other than free motion stippling. In the end, I went for that because a) I wanted to have smoother quilting to off-set the straight lines of the pattern, b) I'm away this weekend and want to do the binding, so I had to get it done quickly and free motion is fast.

I did the loopy-loops along the first border - I used them on the vampire quilt too and really like the look. As you can see, I also used, ah, what's that thread called again? Where the colours change. Oh well. You know what I mean... I'm having a blackout here.

I've used this type of thread once before, on the owl quilt, but this time I really noticed that it shows a lot whenever the backthread comes through a bit. Last time I was at the shop, the repair guy was in such a rush, he yanked the thread out the wrong way so quickly, that he actually screwed up my tension settings. I've tried to remember what it was set on - it's one of those set and forget things... Don't know if I didn't get it quite right, or if the waffle material on the back was to blame - it does act differently than normal quilting cotton.

Straight lines for the outer border again, it was getting very late, past midnight, in fact.

You can see the waffle pattern on the fabric here:

I've got the binding (pieced from left over 2" strips, it'll be very very tight binding, since I fold it) ready to go, so it should be a quilt-finishing weekend!

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Crispy said...

Oooo very pretty quilt!! You did such a lovely job on this project.