Thursday, 22 September 2011

Triangles and squares

Playing with some charms (Moda Wonderland) to make an easy-peasy quilt. Sometimes easy does it.

The rest of the charm pack (all the pinks and browns) are going into this HST-quilt. I think I have enough charms in the right colour-line. I'll just have to get creative if I don't. They're sewn together, but I have to press them, and I seem to be very reluctant to pull out the old ironing board! :) Funnily enough, I posted about these HSTs before, when I had "decided" on a layout :) So times change...

That carpet, by the way, is horrific. I miss my old hardwood floors dearly, but that's what you get when you rent ;) Not sure how I'll baste my next big quilt, I've never done anything other than tape them to the floor during basting... a first for everything!

Sunday, 18 September 2011

On the workfloor

I started quilting one of my galactic wall hangings (the set of 3); I just checked an older post for the actual name: Triple Constellation.

I'm trying to blend the 'incomplete' circles so that it looks like a full circle. Have a couple of additional layers of thread to go to blend it better:

I also pulled out a project I started earlier this year - or maybe late last year. I think I called it Warm & Fuzzy because of the burgundy/wine colours. I'm still making matching green blocks; my plan is to lay them out checker-board style, but if that doesn't look good, I'll do something with the individual colour combos...

Let's see how much time I'll get to actually work on these projects. Having them laid out on the living room floor should be enough of an inconvenience, I mean, incentive to get quilting, eh? :)

I'm just updating my side-menu. The Chicks&Elephant baby quilt in white is out of my hands. I gave it to a colleague of mine who had a very difficult pregnancy and basically was prescribed bedrest starting in month 2 of the pregnancy. I was hopping that on her good days, she might be up for making a special quilt for her little one, so I basted the quilt for her and gave her husband instructions on how to hand-quilt since she wasn't up for receiving visitors at the time. No idea if the idea worked, but the baby was born in great shape in July, phew!