Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Progress on the plus-quilt

(Linking up to WIP Wednesday today :-)

Inspiration struck me, and I grabbed it by the neck and wrung a quiltbacking for the Pluses Galore Quilt out of it :-) I came up with this echo pattern of the plus theme, using a leftover block I had made by accident.
So here you have the finished back...

... and the finished front. Right now it's about 71"x85".

Here it is pin basted and ready for quilting.

Have you noticed the odd thing about it? I basted it with the backing face up. Simple reason for this: I had no clue how to quilt it based on the front, but the back inspired me to do echo quilting around the plus shape!

Here is what the echo quilting looked like. Note the tense... Yup, I hated it. But I kept going. Don't quilt with a deadline, it sucks! The quilting did not grow on me. 

Yes, you guessed it. I'm undoing it all and have switched to mussel shell quilting. This feels right. I'm quilting it from the front now. Just make taking out the pins a bit trickier... My guess is that I'm about 2/3 to 3/4 done. Hard to tell under my 33 year-old Singer :-) everything is bunched up right now...

Friday, 3 April 2015

Red White Tropical

This is one of my ancient UFOs. I've finally had a reason to work towards finishing it: a quilt show!
I promised the organizers some quilts, but haven't actually finished that many in the past year. The quilts will be picked up in a week, and I've been busy busy busy picking some UFOs to finish.

This little quilt (about 30"x40") started as a quilt class demonstration of the disappearing nine patch block. I had made the various stages of this block, and aftere the class was finished, I completed all the stagesa and put together the center of this quilt. The tropical-patterned border fabric was a find at a fabric store closing sale. It is not 100% cotton and was interesting to work with (stretchier).
I've just finished quilting this piece but haven't had a chance to take some photos. Stay tuned!

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Plus quilt layout

I finally settled on making a 5x6 block layout, and after trialling a gazillion differrent arrangements, I'm happy with this one. It was unavoidable having several similar prints together because otherwise I had too much of the same colour in one place, which looked worse. I took photos of all the layouts so that I could scroll through and make a gut decision :-)
Now I could finally press the blocks so the seams of the blocks nestle... Maybe I'll get to make all the rows today!

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Progress on the plus quilt

I've finished quite a few blocks of this quilt, and am currently debating whether to go with a 5x6 layout (would need 7 more blocks) or stay at 4x5, with a few blocks left over for the backing, pillows or similar... 
I'm linking up with Freshly Pieced Modern Quilting for WIP Wednesday today.

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Pluses galore

I've seen plus-quilts (sometimes called crosses instead of pluses) all over blogland and decided that this would be great pattern to showcase a bunch of Moda Wonderland fabrics I bought ages ago.
I liked one blogger's design of having one reverse plus in the pattern, to shake it up (see here Most pluses will be a wonderland print on blue background, except the one you see here on the bottom.
A couple of days after, I now have a huge pile of block components ready to sew into 30 plus-blocks. 
I'm already looking forward to free-motion-quilting all this background space!

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Warm and fuzzy corners

I've decided on a design for the corner triangles of the Warm and Fuzzy quilt.

I've also finished the binding and did a single line of hand-quilting in the middle of the black border (it's a bit wobbly at times, but I did it spontaneously while visiting my grandma in hospital, so it's connected to a personal story for me and not a flaw).

With all that, I now declare this quilt... finished!
And once the sun comes out, I'll take some photos of the entire quilt!

Thursday, 15 January 2015


This would make such a lovely quilt pattern! It's wrapping paper, and someday I'd like to turn this into an applique quilt...