Friday, 24 October 2014

Sneak Peak

My latest project is another Triple Irish Chain. This one in burgundy-beige hues with brown-green intersections and white background. My working name for it: Afternoon Garden Path, since it reminds me of bricks warmed by the sun, with some trees in between.

More coming soon!

Saturday, 18 October 2014

Pink Pillow

Remember this quilt?

I finished it in the fall of 2009 as a gift to my second-longest friend who particular asked for a pink quilt.
Recently, it was time for her annual celebration again. This year, I managed the multi-hour trip there to celebrate with her. It was a spontaneous decision, and the day before the party I thought: "I could make her a gift instead of getting a gift card or something else impersonal." My idea: a matching pillow case. I had a look through my fabric stash and recognized a few of the pink fabrics I had used for her quilt. I mixed those with a few new pinks and went for a simple patchwork pattern. Some rather rough calculations to get the approximate size and proportions of center and border and off I went.

Not sure: is this called a 'five-patch'? I cut 2.5" squares, added a 1" (cut) skinny border and a wide white border.

I quilted about 1/4" on either side of the seams. I rushed this job, and unfortunately some of my squares were pulled too far in one direction so that I ended up with slanted squares in some cases. Oh well.

I also added a 'fake' frame by quilting parallel lines around the white border.

I'm quite happy with the look of this!

During this rush-project, I truly appreciated having 2 sewing machines. It meant that I could quilt and sew binding strips on with the walking foot on one machine, while I could refill bobbins and sew together binding strips on the other one without having to cut thread or switch spools. Handy!

The top finished at around 16.5" square. For the backing, I used up the very last bit of fabric I had left of the original pink quilt backing. 2 pieces of about 13"x16.5". I folded one long edge on each piece twice to make 1/2" wide finished edge, ironed it and sewed it down with a double seam.

I then sandwiched everything together so that the backing pieces overlapped for about 5 or 6" and cropped the overhang of the backing. I attached top and backing of the pillow as I sewed on the binding. This was a bit tricky, but with enough pinning, everything worked out fine.

I started at 5pm, had a 2 hour break in the evening to go to the gym and had the pillowcase finished at 20 past midnight. Whoot whoot! The pillow case finished at about 16" square.

Here the finished product by daylight, bound, labelled and ready to go! The gift was a big hit that evening!

Thursday, 11 September 2014

When will I ever learn???


One more time: I should not cook while quilting...

15 min of scraping this pot, phew...

Saturday, 6 September 2014

Some playing and planning

I've been playing with fabrics, planning some new quilts, coming up with creative ideas and throwing them out again.

In the end, I had more plans than I could handle, so everything was put on the back burner again :) But I tell you one thing: looking at prints, feeling the cotton and mixing and matching colours makes me as happy as ever!

Monday, 1 September 2014

Sailor's Delight

Felt like doing a quick little quilt and decided on simple rail fence pattern. For some reason, I was stuck on the white-blue combination I had picked out for the aborted wedding quilt, so I picked this dark -- medium -- light combination of blues:

As planned, the quilt came together in no time. I cut 2.5" strips, sewed them into triplets of, and cut those into 6.5" long pieces. I then sewed those together in a 5 x 6 block layout as shown here:

I've gotten as far as the first border, a thin strip (1" wide) to contain the pattern:

Then summer, travels and visitors "happened", so this is one of my many WIPs.

As soon as I saw the quilt top center, I was thinking of marine things, so the name came to me in a flash: "Sailor's Delight"!

Friday, 25 July 2014

Now it has an owner

Friends of mine needed a baby shower gift and asked to buy one of my quilts. They chose the pink and grey one and asked to have it personalized.

The baby's name is Bjork, so I played around with the arrangements of letters.

We tried to come up with something for the second side, and in the end decided on the birth date. That didn't look good vertically, so I turned the letters to face inwards (it felt more of a unit than one of the sides facing outward).

I didn't like the colours of the birthdate at first (the purple was too dark and heavy), and settled for a more subtle mix of colours.

Then I zigzagged around each letter, dot and number. My god, it took forever. There were so many round shapes (which take longer because of the constant turning). I hope the next baby is called Lilly and born on 1.1.17!!! :)

I've been told that the quilt was a huge hit ;) What better news to warm a quilter's heart... Now I hope this quilt will be spit on, puked on, washed lots and loved for years!

Friday, 27 June 2014

A special project: hand-piecing

For the longest time, I've been admiring quilters who piece quilts by hand. The skill and patience involved just amaze me. I decided to try it on one block and see how it goes. The answer is: slowly, very slowly :-)

It helps that I've picked one of my favourite colour combos: brown and yellows/oranges.

Let's see what will become of this project...