Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Merry snowmen table runner

Inspired by this post which somehow has to do with this BOM project. 
Hah, it took me only a whole 20 min of browsing to likely candidate blogs on my blog link list; I had of course totally forgotten where I had seen this (almost a month ago!), but wanted to give credit. 
Apparently, this strip (with two more snowman heads) is part of a larger wintery quilt, but to me it screamed table runner, along with the name of the lucky recipient :-) One christmas present down! 
A colleague of mine wanted to make it too, so I wrote up instructions. Will post this as a tutorial soon...

Monday, 8 December 2014

A new robot project

I made a baby quilt with the cogsmo robot fabric line a few years ago. Still love the colours and the designs. Every time I see my leftovers, I think that I want to make another quilt. Eventually, I settled on another baby quilt, featuring the robot fabrics as off-centered squares on white background.

Let the chain piecing begin!

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Holding up well!

This quilt was gifted almost four years ago, when this little gentleman was born. I just received this photo from the lovely mother. It makes me happy to see this quilt (a) still in use and obviously cherished and (b) holding up so well, after what likely amounted to a gazillion washes...

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

A walk in the park...

Looky here! The center of the quilt top for the Afternoon Garden Path is done. I'm quite pleased with it, if I may say so myself! I'm particularly happy with the subtleness of the intersection motif, the brown-green diamonds. 

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Quilt progress

Ah, I have figured out how to do Email posting! This will make my blogging life much easier...
Here's how this quilt began --- an inspiring assortment of fabrics from my stash. I was obviously craving warmth...

I did some figuring to start with, then began sewing strip sets together: 

Halfway through, I decided that I did not want all the blocks to be identical. That's when things became difficult... Because to avoid having the same fabric in neighbouring patches turned out to be tricky. That's the downside of a scrappy triple Irish chain.

In the end, I had to do a lot of labelling to keep the correct order of strip sets, and a lot of piece-by-piece adding of patches...

But the quilt grew and grew, against all odds.

Next time I'll show you how far I got!

Friday, 24 October 2014

Sneak Peak

My latest project is another Triple Irish Chain. This one in burgundy-beige hues with brown-green intersections and white background. My working name for it: Afternoon Garden Path, since it reminds me of bricks warmed by the sun, with some trees in between.

More coming soon!

Saturday, 18 October 2014

Pink Pillow

Remember this quilt?

I finished it in the fall of 2009 as a gift to my second-longest friend who particular asked for a pink quilt.
Recently, it was time for her annual celebration again. This year, I managed the multi-hour trip there to celebrate with her. It was a spontaneous decision, and the day before the party I thought: "I could make her a gift instead of getting a gift card or something else impersonal." My idea: a matching pillow case. I had a look through my fabric stash and recognized a few of the pink fabrics I had used for her quilt. I mixed those with a few new pinks and went for a simple patchwork pattern. Some rather rough calculations to get the approximate size and proportions of center and border and off I went.

Not sure: is this called a 'five-patch'? I cut 2.5" squares, added a 1" (cut) skinny border and a wide white border.

I quilted about 1/4" on either side of the seams. I rushed this job, and unfortunately some of my squares were pulled too far in one direction so that I ended up with slanted squares in some cases. Oh well.

I also added a 'fake' frame by quilting parallel lines around the white border.

I'm quite happy with the look of this!

During this rush-project, I truly appreciated having 2 sewing machines. It meant that I could quilt and sew binding strips on with the walking foot on one machine, while I could refill bobbins and sew together binding strips on the other one without having to cut thread or switch spools. Handy!

The top finished at around 16.5" square. For the backing, I used up the very last bit of fabric I had left of the original pink quilt backing. 2 pieces of about 13"x16.5". I folded one long edge on each piece twice to make 1/2" wide finished edge, ironed it and sewed it down with a double seam.

I then sandwiched everything together so that the backing pieces overlapped for about 5 or 6" and cropped the overhang of the backing. I attached top and backing of the pillow as I sewed on the binding. This was a bit tricky, but with enough pinning, everything worked out fine.

I started at 5pm, had a 2 hour break in the evening to go to the gym and had the pillowcase finished at 20 past midnight. Whoot whoot! The pillow case finished at about 16" square.

Here the finished product by daylight, bound, labelled and ready to go! The gift was a big hit that evening!