Sunday, 16 September 2012

Julia's Quilt Finito!

Okay, in the interest of ease and time, I stippled this quilt with rather big loops. My machine is quite slow on the different voltage in Europe. Maybe it's the adapter I use, but I haven't looked into a different model yet. I also bought a machine here that I use for piecing (I'd go mad piecing at the speed of my old Singer from Canada), but I haven't bought any attachments for free-motion quilting.

Amazingly, no problem quilting or putting on the binding, and ah! it was so pieceful and quiet to sew down the binding on the front...

Here's the finished product, delivered on schedule to my grandmother's:

Measures about 55 x 78 inches.

Friday, 7 September 2012

Putting the Pins in Julia's Quilt

You know, when you're used to basting on smooth floor, using tape instead of pinning a quilt to a carpet, it makes such a difference to live in a place with laminate flooring again (after a few months in a place with carpet).  Big sigh of relief!

I ruined my nails during pin-basting, as usual :) They were quite long, admittedly.  Apart from the tape getting old and coming off the floor over night, the basting went quite well.  What a refresher quilt this is!

I finally got to hear that great sound of hundreds of safty pins clicking on the floor when I shook out the quilt in the end :) Music in my ears.

And now it's ready for binding, one of my favourite steps!