Saturday, 2 February 2013

Warmer and Fuzzier

Here's an update on my Warm and Fuzzy Quilt project, which has been in the making for eternity (it feels like).

Originally, I wanted to alternate burgundy log cabin blocks with green log cabin blocks...

... but when I had the burgundy ones finished, I was (1) tired of making these blocks and (2) found the mix too colourful. I played around with different ideas and in the end decided to keep the whole thing burgundy.

Putting the blocks on point somehow made the whole design more dynamic:

I made a couple more blocks (I needed 12 instead of 10 now) and calculated the size blocks I needed for the solid diamonds and triangles.

Once it was sewn together, I really liked it! Now I'll think of a spiffy border and put the thing together!

I still need 2 small triangles for the last 2 corners. Right now the quilt measures around 60"x80".

It's good to be quilting again!