Saturday, 2 February 2013

Warmer and Fuzzier

Here's an update on my Warm and Fuzzy Quilt project, which has been in the making for eternity (it feels like).

Originally, I wanted to alternate burgundy log cabin blocks with green log cabin blocks...

... but when I had the burgundy ones finished, I was (1) tired of making these blocks and (2) found the mix too colourful. I played around with different ideas and in the end decided to keep the whole thing burgundy.

Putting the blocks on point somehow made the whole design more dynamic:

I made a couple more blocks (I needed 12 instead of 10 now) and calculated the size blocks I needed for the solid diamonds and triangles.

Once it was sewn together, I really liked it! Now I'll think of a spiffy border and put the thing together!

I still need 2 small triangles for the last 2 corners. Right now the quilt measures around 60"x80".

It's good to be quilting again!


Anne at Film and Thread said...

So glad to see you pop in with a bit of quilting! I hope you get more time to play with fabric again. The bug is starting for me a little lately.

Nanci said...

The colour must be one of the hardest to compliment it as yellow would be too bright, green (limey) yuck, so I think you did the right thing with it, what made you choose the eye popping colour anyway? Not your usual works! Glad to see you here, not to bad for me as I've not posted for ages either. Keep well, and away from the Canadian snow to European snow!