Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Grandma's Teddy Bear Quilt (Four Patch and Panels)

Here's a quick quilt! I was inspired I guess, because my machine was just purring along.
My grandma collects teddy bears, so this will be a perfect wall hanging for her collection room.

The bear "Trip Around the World" panels came as is, with their blue or green border. I made Four Patch blocks to separate the panels, used some material from the Late Fall Quilt as border, and a cool bear fabric for the backing. Tadaaa! This was also my practice piece for free motion machine quilting. I just went ahead and did crazy patterns all around the yellow border to get a feeling for the machine. That helped a lot with the quilting on the Late Fall Quilt.

I put in a little free motion heart on every side of the border...

Friday, 12 December 2008

Late Fall Quilt (Double Irish Chain) Part 3


Having created a quilting room really helped the process. Here's the finished product:

All I have to do now is hid the hundreds of threads hanging out and wrapping it up for christmas...

Here's a close up of the two more interesting fabrics I used, an English Toile in red brown, and the leafy fall theme. The yellow fabric I call wallpaper fabric in my mind :)

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Cole's Jungle (Sampler Baby Quilt) Part 2

Here are the final steps of the sampler baby quilt I made for baby Cole:

The four sampler blocks we did in class:

The whole quilt before quilting...

... and after. (It really is rectangular, but it's warped here from lying on the back of a chair)

Here are the individual blocks and close-ups of the hand-quilting.
Handquilting was an interesting experience for me, though not my finger tips. I can't get the hang of the thimbel, it doesn't feel right, so I had some pretty pricked finger tips... :)

(Four Patch)
I quilted these diagonal lines without guidelines - then I discovered fabric pencils, what a difference!

(Rail Fence)

(The Jungle Panel)

(Bow Tie)

(Friendship Star)

(Log Cabin)

Monday, 1 December 2008

Late Fall Quilt (Double Irish Chain) Part 2

The quilt top is now finished, including the borders.

Here it is pinned to the backing and batting - what a tedious job that was!!!

And I'm now busily quilting away on it. I did the binding first, which I might not do next time around in case of shifting material, but since I had used so many pins, my teacher said it'd be okay to bind first, quilt later. I started by stabilizing the quilt with outlines of all the main blocks. I'm doing free motion around the outside (dark) border and in the open (dark) spaces between the crossing chains. In the red-brown border, I'm doing an interlacing curvey pattern.

This is my quilting set-up so far. It's not ideal, because there's so much material pulling, despite being on the table. It's a major pain in the... Also, I've been eating my meals sitting on a camping chair in the kitchen, because I'm obviously not taking this whole machinery-quilt concoction off the table 3 times a day...

Quilting Obsession

My quilting obsession has not abated. I've made another small quilt, this one for my grandmother's teddy-bear-collection-room in 4 days. I need to balance my life more, what do you think?

I'm still happily plugging away on the double quilt from my class. Still have a lot of actual quilting to do (I'm never quite sure what that term refers to. I think putting the top together is called piecing, and then joining the back, top and batting is called quilting, but the overall term is quilting, too?)

I've also rearranged my apartment and gotten rid of the junk room - it is now my quilting room!