Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Cole's Jungle (Sampler Baby Quilt) Part 2

Here are the final steps of the sampler baby quilt I made for baby Cole:

The four sampler blocks we did in class:

The whole quilt before quilting...

... and after. (It really is rectangular, but it's warped here from lying on the back of a chair)

Here are the individual blocks and close-ups of the hand-quilting.
Handquilting was an interesting experience for me, though not my finger tips. I can't get the hang of the thimbel, it doesn't feel right, so I had some pretty pricked finger tips... :)

(Four Patch)
I quilted these diagonal lines without guidelines - then I discovered fabric pencils, what a difference!

(Rail Fence)

(The Jungle Panel)

(Bow Tie)

(Friendship Star)

(Log Cabin)

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NanaKaren said...

Love the colors in this baby quilt! Looks like you did a great job.