Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Scrappy bowl protector — medium

The last one, interestingly, was the most difficult one.
I again started with all kinds of scraps in roughly the right shapes for 2 centers and 4 arms.

Found some matching batting pieces.

Here you see how I made the arms. Folded one rectangular piece of fabric in half, then laid a batting piece on top and sewed along each side to get a tube open on one side. I made the seams so that I just barely caught the batting, to minimize bulk.

And this is why it got tricky. After turning the arms inside out and laying them on the center pieces, I realized that I had no side left to turn the whole thing inside out. Shucks! So I left one arm off and one side open for turning.

It was a pain (and no fotos of it), but I blind stitched the opening shut with the arm inside. The part of the arm was blind-stitched on the front and on the back, rather than going all the way through all the fabric layers at once. I guess that would have been an option too. Oh well, it's a scrappy bowl protector,  destined to spend its life in a cupboard. I really don't have very high expectations for this thing, when it comes to craftmanship :)

Important thing: it fits!

And it works!

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Scrappy bowl protector — large

For the largest bowl protector, I started with an improv log-cabin style tree I had left from a quilt-guild challenge.

For the back, I used some triangles left from some other project.

Any old piece of batting that is big enough will do for these things. Piece them together if necessary.

I cut the center so that it had 4 sides approximately opposite each other.

Made some protector-'arms' with a single layer of batting inside.

Sandwiched everything together for a turn-it-inside-out project. It was pretty bulky, so I used pins to keep the arms in place. I had to fold the arms out of the way so that they didn't get caught in some of the outside seams on the wrong side...

I'll spare you the torturous view of the turning-process :)
Good thing there was a fifth side to this protector, so that I could leave a space to turn the whole thing inside out.


Looks good, and...

... it works too!

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Scrappy bowl protector — small

I wanted to used up some scraps AND I needed something better than cardboard to put between a set of glass bowls I have, to prevent them from hitting against each other when I stack them or open/close the drawer they're in.

For the smallest one, I took unfinished christmas ornaments, found some batting leftovers in approximately the right size and sewed all around the edge, leaving a little opening for turning the whole thing inside out. trimmed the edges of the batting as needed.

Here you can see the layering: top and bottom facing each other, with the batting on the outside, so that it's all in the right place after turning. Oh, and I eventually did trim this batting down to the right size ;)

Tada... time for my favourite blind-stitch to close the opening.

And it fits.

That was easy! And looks much nicer than cardboard.

And last but not least: it used up some scraps/UFOs! Always a good thing, eh?