Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Scrappy bowl protector — small

I wanted to used up some scraps AND I needed something better than cardboard to put between a set of glass bowls I have, to prevent them from hitting against each other when I stack them or open/close the drawer they're in.

For the smallest one, I took unfinished christmas ornaments, found some batting leftovers in approximately the right size and sewed all around the edge, leaving a little opening for turning the whole thing inside out. trimmed the edges of the batting as needed.

Here you can see the layering: top and bottom facing each other, with the batting on the outside, so that it's all in the right place after turning. Oh, and I eventually did trim this batting down to the right size ;)

Tada... time for my favourite blind-stitch to close the opening.

And it fits.

That was easy! And looks much nicer than cardboard.

And last but not least: it used up some scraps/UFOs! Always a good thing, eh?

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