Thursday, 20 February 2014

Scrappy bowl protector — large

For the largest bowl protector, I started with an improv log-cabin style tree I had left from a quilt-guild challenge.

For the back, I used some triangles left from some other project.

Any old piece of batting that is big enough will do for these things. Piece them together if necessary.

I cut the center so that it had 4 sides approximately opposite each other.

Made some protector-'arms' with a single layer of batting inside.

Sandwiched everything together for a turn-it-inside-out project. It was pretty bulky, so I used pins to keep the arms in place. I had to fold the arms out of the way so that they didn't get caught in some of the outside seams on the wrong side...

I'll spare you the torturous view of the turning-process :)
Good thing there was a fifth side to this protector, so that I could leave a space to turn the whole thing inside out.


Looks good, and...

... it works too!

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