Sunday, 6 May 2012

New home for my mobile

Is it possible to be crafty, yet BUY a case for one's mobile? Probably. People can do as they please.
I have too much fabric for that, especially too much fabric I like :)

I thought that I could do this hidden-seam case without looking at the instructions, since I did one just last year, but alas! after taking it apart twice because I hadn't sewn the right layers together, I checked and had my Aha! moment :)

Next time I'll definitely not use the sticky velcro patches (leftovers from a friend, thought they'd be useful for this kind of thing) - the glue just about killed my needle and the thread kept breaking when it got stuck in the glue. Hopefully I won't have further damage later, from glue that went further down into the machine...
One learns :)
The fabric on the flap is one of my all time favourites - I could look up what it is, but don't really car about names of designers etc. enough... I'm pretty sure it's MODA though ;) That's usually a safe bet with me.