Friday, 11 October 2013

Snooty cat revived

Ages - and I mean AGES - ago, I started a quilt that went awry. The Snooty Cat Quilt. Last posted about over 4 years ago (when I described my dilemma in detail).

The other day, I got out the pieces and thought, what the heck. They're cut wrong and don't fit and don't make exactly the patter I planned back then, BUT, they'll make some kind of pattern, and who cares anyway!

So I started sewing them together. So what if the diagonals in the rectangles don't meet the corners of the center square...

The basic pattern is still there, I get to use up this line of fabric, and best of all, I'm quilting :)

Besides this project on the go, I am hand-quilting the first of those 2 baby quilts (the dark one) and making a little iCover for one of those Apple products :)

Happy quilting!