Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Scrappy bowl protector — medium

The last one, interestingly, was the most difficult one.
I again started with all kinds of scraps in roughly the right shapes for 2 centers and 4 arms.

Found some matching batting pieces.

Here you see how I made the arms. Folded one rectangular piece of fabric in half, then laid a batting piece on top and sewed along each side to get a tube open on one side. I made the seams so that I just barely caught the batting, to minimize bulk.

And this is why it got tricky. After turning the arms inside out and laying them on the center pieces, I realized that I had no side left to turn the whole thing inside out. Shucks! So I left one arm off and one side open for turning.

It was a pain (and no fotos of it), but I blind stitched the opening shut with the arm inside. The part of the arm was blind-stitched on the front and on the back, rather than going all the way through all the fabric layers at once. I guess that would have been an option too. Oh well, it's a scrappy bowl protector,  destined to spend its life in a cupboard. I really don't have very high expectations for this thing, when it comes to craftmanship :)

Important thing: it fits!

And it works!

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