Monday, 4 May 2009

Pink Quilt - 1st border and some offspring

Here it is, joined, ironed, and has the first, tiny 3/4" border. I'm buying some more of the solid magenta material for a 2.5-3" border, then it'll probably be binding time, because basically I'm pinked out... [really, it is ironed, it's just crumpled because of limited floor space in the quilt room... the living room floor was covered in other quilting stuff]

[looking at the last post about this quilt, the picture with the squares laid out on the floor actually looks better than this one, oops ;) ]

I say all pinked out... except for this little offspring quilt from the left overs, using AmandaJean's/CrazyMomQuilt's tutorial for no-triangles-zig-zag quilts. I still need a few more pieces, but have started to join some strip-pairs.


Cathy said...

It's beautiful!

Crispy said...

Very cute quilts!! I like this layout as much as the other one.