Saturday, 30 May 2009

Stacked Coins Are All Stacked Up

Finished quilting the stacked coins baby quilt. I really like it. I debated for a while what colour binding to use. I had some 2.5" strips of blue green fabric already cut from another project, and was going the lazy route, when I realized that I just didn't like that colour enough and went and cut dark blue 2" strips instead for a tighter and more masculine binding.

While I was cropping the quilt, I realized, shock oh shock, that I once again (grumble) had some of the overhanging backing slip under the needle and be incorporated into the stippling. Aaargh!!!

Last time this happened, I opened the stippling up and re-sewed. This time I tried picking out the fabric and leaving the stippling in place.

It worked except for one single stitch that ripped (probably because I was on the phone at the time and distracted).

So I had to get the machine out and sew over it anyway, sigh. But I think it'll be okay. Still though, annoying... maybe I'll learn from it this time. New resolution: crop sandwich to within 1" of top before quilting!!!

I'm doing the invisible stitch again, what a great method that is!

One evening of half watching a movie yielded almost half a quilt bound. Almost done!


Crispy said...

Very lovely quilt!! I hate when that happens, I even do it when hand quilting or when doing needle turn applique....very annoying!!


karenfae said...

that happens to me sometimes when I am piecing something and not paying attention - especially paper piecing for some reason - I guess because I don't always pin and then the fabric gets folded underneath and I don't notice until I'm done and then have to unpick it.
The quilt looks great.

Heather said...

looks adorable.