Monday, 11 May 2009

Pink Zigzag Complete

I had the binding on this quilt done in no time! So small :)

I used the invisible ladder stitch that Mal and her mom presented on turning*turning. At first it went really slowly, but after half a side of the quilt, I was zooming along and it does look SOOOO much better! The binding looks the same front and back, it's amazing, and the stitches are just as secure as the whipping stitch. I highly recommend it!
I spaced my stitches 1/4" apart as I found this easiest to eyeball from all the seams I see all the time.

And here's the packaged quilt that travelled with me this weekend - I find that sheet set packages work really well to protect small quilts when traveling - it's such a nice sturdy plastic.


Crispy said...

Very lovely!! Even after 20 years of quilting I can't eyeball a 1/4 inch seam LOL.


Cristin said...

I am so going to steal your "sheet set package" idea for traveling with an almost done quilt. Genius! I usualy just stuff it in a tote bag and hope nothing gets on it.