Friday, 1 May 2009

Saddling a Horse the Right Way

No pictures today and just a short post...

Finished sewing all my pink rows and have pinned them together in couples - joining them for a complete top is tonight's labour so there should be some nice photos of the quilt top by next week!

About the green quilt: leaving it in plain sight for inspiration seems to work, in some ways. The quilt has been growing in my mind and is now past the baby quilt stage and all green. I might just do that, a twin-sized quilt out of all green charm squares - that should certainly satisfy my love for green :) Anyway, so far it's all a plan in my head; it's exciting to see what that green quilt idea will actually grow into.

I think for the baby quilt with stars, I'll have to start with the stars and match the background fabric to them, instead of saddling the horse backwards!

1 comment:

Crispy said...

Sounds like a good plan, it's been so long since I saddled a horse I probably would do it backwards LOL.