Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Too Many Good Blogs!

Wow, I just added a lot of blogs to my blog watch bar on the menu (to the right). In fact, I'm following so many blogs now, that I had to decrease the number of them being shown in the menu to 10, or this page would be going on and on and on. I think you can still see them all if you click "show all" at least I can, when I'm logged in, I haven't tried it as a guest.

I just wanted to send an anonymous "Way to go, you make beautiful quilts" out to all those great craftsters out there - if I commented everywhere, I'd never get any work done :) In fact, my coffee break is over... more quilt blogs to discover later!


Cristin said...

Hey, Thanks for adding my blog to your list! I'm honored to be on the same list with Crazy Mom Quilts and Oh Fransson!, among others :-)

Jocelyn said...

Thanks Christine, you are right. There are so many wonderful crafter/bloggers out there, and it is hard to keep up. But what a wealth of inspiration!


antique quilter said...

I know what you mean but isn't it fun seeing everyone s projects?
and quilts for inspiration!

Crispy said...

Oh I know what you mean....I gave up quilting forums because there is so much eye candy in blog land. I thought I was cutting back on my computer time....yeah right....I'm up to 50 blogs in my Google Reader and I've been doing this only since February LOL.


Unknown said...

I have quite a few on my sidebar also. These are the ones I visit regularly. Then there are those in my favorites that I look at to see what's up and also I think that if one posts regularly with you and gives encouragement, then they should be on the sidebars. I have my coffee and visit that way too, although I am retired, blogging certainly does take up time, what with reading and commenting and all...