Friday, 8 May 2009

Some "Oopsie" Moments and Tell-Tale Signs of Quilting

This is what happens when I quilt too late at night:

1) I get careless and stop using common sense. E.g. DON'T try to cut that one part of the fabric that the rotary cutter missed the first time by bridging your hand over the fabric pieces and pulling them apart and then cutting UNDERNEATH your hand. That's just not smart.

Luckily my reaction time was still quick enough that the cut was very small.

2) I stop paying attention and end up having to redo things like this pieced binding for the pink zigzag quilt... it was the last piece of the binding, too! Shucks...

At least it was a short seam to open; I turned over the fabric and tried again. (I think once before I was so tired, that I ripped the seam open, reattached the fabric, just to notice that I had done it the wrong way around again, geesh!)

And lastly, how do you tell you're in a (messy) quilter's apartment/house???

There are piles of fabric trimmings spread throughout the rooms! I didn't bother to photograph the smaller piles, you get the impression :)

1 comment:

Crispy said...

BAD Sunshine BAD!!! Those are razor blades in the cutters and it only takes a touch to get cut as you found out. No using the cutter unless the other hand is several inches away from the sharp end.

Silly girl tsk tsk LOL