Monday, 25 May 2009

BC Is Beautiful!

I'm back from my trip, which was breath taking!

Living in flat PEI, the mountains out west are quite a sight...

My gracious hosts had to listen to so much talking about quilting that they dragged me to any quilt store they could find just to shut me up *grins*.

Here's my haul:

Some Denyse Schmidt Flea Market Fancy

Some Kaffe Fassett - less bright than usually

They came in really cute fat quarter packs with fabric ties and the store was really darling.

In Victoria, I found an "everything store" that had a fabric section containing these adorable farm prints (the pigs are a separate fabric).

... and these cute bugs on flowers.

These frogs are to die for, and this was the last fat quarter they had!

And a few more, including a bit of Moda Wonderland fabric, that will come in handy for the charm packs I bought!

The day I came back, I whipped up this baby stacked coin quilt for a friend's baby shower. The back is done too, so just need to sandwich, quilt and bind. The baby is due this week...

Once I have the Bento Box quilt done, I'll post a tutorial for my strange way of making it ;) Let's hope it works, haha!


Crispy said...

Welcome Home!! I love Victoria, we would take the ferry up from Seattle to visits some friends that live there.

Looks like you made a nice bunch of purchases...I particularily like the farm fabric...very cute!!


Heather said...

Sounds like you had a great time away.

Linnea said...

My jaw dropped when I read that you found some flea market fancy! You are one lucky girl.
Any chance you remeber where you got it? I'm desperate :)