Friday, 8 May 2009

And The Big One (Pink Quilt)

I've also been working on the Big Pink Quilt:

I've added a narrow border (3/4") of the peacock feather in purple, then a broad, improv-pieced border in light pink. The pink alone seemed to boring, so I took some left over scraps of pink patches and cut strips to add into the border.

Here it is in its full glory (it took 7 photos to get most of the quilt in one photo... I need a cool laundry line outside and someone to hold the quilt while standing on a ladder, too ;) reference to FilmInTheFridge):

I have the backing ready (it's the red pink heart fabric that you can see in a single square in the first picture, in the center, towards the bottom), and the binding cut, pieced and ironed (it'll be the solid magenta that's in the quilt also). Now I just need a few hours to sandwich this puppy and it's ready for quilting! How I'm going to quilt it? No clue yet... I might go for the spirals in the large squares, and free motion loops in between on the rectangles and little squares.

I like it when I don't have to spend a lot of thought on backing fabrics - I always find it difficult to find a fabric that looks good en masse. In this case though, the backing fabric was the first I bought :)

I can tell you one thing after all this pink quilting: I'm all pinked out!!!


Heather said...

Beautiful. I absolutely love all the pinks! :)

Crispy said...

Oh Christine your quilt is lovely!! The border treatments really frame the quilt wonderfully. Well Done!!