Saturday, 30 May 2009

More Pink Quilt Progress

As promised, here are some photos of my progress!
Don't you just love a post with lots of photos???

Here's my quilt top, all ready to go and patiently waiting for months it seems...

I joined the two pieces for the back. I think I will JUST have enough material, but really just. In fact, I might have to crop half an inch off the border of the top. I really mean "just enough".

For some reason, I had very little trouble taping the backing to the floor. Either I'm getting better or the material didn't stretch as much as some previous backing fabrics I've used.

The batting was too thick - my quilts are more for looks or summer/spring seasons, not for warmth, and I find it much easier to get the quilt sandwich into my machine when the batting is thin. So I went about tearing the batting in two - the one thing I like about synthetic batting, though once this stuff is used up, I'll probably switch to cotton.

Baby quilt batting is so easy to tear, try doing a queen sized quilt, phew!

I do enjoy walking around on a quilt though... maybe I'll make a carpet quilt some day ;)

And now I'm happily pinning along - it's turning out not quite as bad as I had anticipated - mostly because the taping went smoothly. For my first large quilt, I had to retape so many times because the material kept getting uneven...

I just realized that this will be only my second large quilt that I'm quilting. All the other quilt tops are either waiting for a backing or some finishing touches. How exciting!

As I was commenting on Mal's blog turning*turning that amongst all my chores before work on Friday, I allowed myself to put just one pin into the quilt, even though I was running late already, but I felt like I had "quilted" just a little bit and left for work in a great mood! One pin, so easily pleased, eh?

All ready for quilting!


Crispy said...

You have been busy since you got out from under the owl quilt LOL. I look forward to seeing the finished quilt.


Jocelyn said...

I absolutely LOVE this pink quilt!


Barb said...

Love your pink quilt....