Monday, 4 May 2009

Northern Solitude for Wee Ones

Two posts in one day :)

Despite a visitor, I was busy this weekend - mostly because I dropped by a small but specialized and knowledgeable quilt store and asked about MODA charm packs (I was getting impatient about the ones I ordered online, the post is so slow!)

They had 3, and I picked two that seemed nice, Wildflower Serenade and Northern Solitude.

When I laid them out at home, I realized that the Wildflower Serenade one is really quite dark, except for the fabrics that were on top of the charm packs. Hmm, not sure what I could do with these now, I feel a bit disappointed in them. I guess I should have waited for the Wonderland charm pack to arrive, those fabrics are fun. I'm usually not into florals and mostly bought these because the store had MODA packs when I specifically asked for them, and because I like to support little stores like that. Maybe they'll fit into a scrappy quilt some day.

[Note, the labels in this picture are mixed up! ]

The Northern Solitude [previously referred to as Wildflower Serenade] charm pack had a few really cute fabrics inside. Love the little dragonflies on this one:

And these funky patterns in the MODA colours I like so much.

I'm turning this one into a little mild and springy baby quilt. Rows just need to be joined and bordered.


Annika said...

Very nice. And lovely to see them spread out on the ironingboard :)

Cat said...

The colors are very pretty! I love the combination of colors on the ironing board!

antique quilter said...

oh I love the charm packs you bought they all look so good together!
maybe use them all mixed up making light/dark hst would be a way to combine them...
or use the darks as a scrappy border

will be fun to see what you do make with them

Crispy said...

Oh I'm sure you will create something wonderful with them. You know, boy toddler quilts can be darker or do a chiclette quilt with them because it needs darks and lights.