Wednesday, 13 May 2009

This One's For Nanci!

Nanci of QuiltingAtTheCottage posted a recipe for Cowboy Bread yesterday, and I promised her I'd try it and post about it. Well, everything she said about the recipe is true: it's quick, easy and absolutely delicious! I love baking that only involves one mixing bowl, no separating of eggs or any French words (unless the whole recipe is in French).

Here's the result of the 30 min foray into baking

And this is what it looked like 5 min after it was cool enough to cut and eat. It was really weird: I just couldn't stop myself...

Today was a field day at work, and I took half the cake for my colleagues - they inhaled it!

Thanks so much Nanci, the Cowboy Bread will be added to my all-time-favourites list of recipes. Though I hope you forgive me if I rename it to Nanci's Cottage Cake :)

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Unknown said...

It looks just like it's supposed to. Isn't it just the easiest recipe you've done for a bread,cake, whatever...glad you liked it!