Monday, 23 March 2009

It Was A Hoot To Make This One

And one quilt that I actually finished last weekend, binding and all, is the owl quilt.
Loved doing this one, too, though I have to say that quilting cotton is more satisfying that quilting flanelette... I look forward to quilting my unfinished cotton quilts :)

Nonetheless, this is another quilt that turned out to my liking. I got to experiment with my first disappearing 9 patch, got to use the cute owl print (of which I have very little left now) and one of my friends will have a lap quilt in the near future.

I was "uncreative" on this one and just did stippling, but I like it for the wavy 3D effect it gives the quilt. Did paralell lines again for the border (top and bottom).

(haha, what luck that I happened to photograph a section of the quilt where all the points are lined up nicely :)

And here's where all the lovely owl print ended up...


Rhonda said...

Beautiful, I think my next quilt has to be a disappearing 9 patch!

Nanci said...

Oh gee I love this quilt. It's very happy and when you give it to your friend,she will love it each time she uses it, she will remember you.
I am not sure what disappearing 9 patch means, but I am doing a nine patch soon too.
I love lap quilts!

Nanci said...

I forgot to say that I just love stippling. It always looks so good when washed up.

sunshine said...

Hi Nanci,

I didn't know what the "disappearing" in D9Patch means, either, but one of my teachers from the class I took last fall explained it to me: basically, you're starting out with a nine patch, but then you cut it in 4 quarters and scramble them up, so when you put them back together, the 9 patch disappeared.. at least that's my understanding :)


Crispy said...

Well done Christine!! I love that owl fabric!!