Thursday, 12 March 2009

Some Progress On Owls, Soccer Balls and Vampires

Two of the three small quilts I was planning/working on are nearing completion!

I pinned the Owl Quilt...
The overlap of the backing flanelette will be folded around for a border on the top and bottom, and binding.
I also finished the backing for the Vampire Quilt, as well as the borders around the top, and pinned that all together.
I checked, and the eyes do glow in the dark, it looks pretty cool!

For both of these quilt, I ended up piecing batting together, and I tried CrazyMom's method of stitching the edges together instead of simply overlapping them. It's working okay so far.

A big thanks to turning*turning (Mal?), who responded to my query about hexagon-quilting by listing a bunch of useful sites/tutorials on her blog. I used the paper method to piece a soccer ball. When I was halfway through it, it struck me that I could probably have googled it instead of drawing everything out by hand, each piece individually because for some reason, hexagons and pentagons fit better on a curved object than a flat surface, so none of the pieces ended up being quite the same (so no cutting of multiple pieces at once...). I think it worked though, either way, and hopefully I'll manage to sew them all together properly. My first time piecing...

(If only my former supervisor new what good use I've put my MSc thesis draft to...)


Heather said...

I love the soccer ball. I can't wait to see how it turns out.

Angela said...

You did a great job on laying out that soccer ball! I dont think I would want to tackle that! :o) I love the little owl fabric!

Lisa said...

Wow, I'm impressed! I've been searching for almost an hour for a good pattern or idea on how to make a soccer ball, and SO many of the ones I've found are just plain wrong: use all hexagons, instead of a mix of pentagons and hexagons. I'm wondering if you could share your pattern or dimensions? I know that if I use *regular* hexagons, it will end up round instead of flat. I'm going to attempt that project too, as a few throw pillows, but first a quilt! I think it should still be regular pentagons, and then the hexagon should be flattened a little... is that right? Any idea how much?

I know you did this a long time ago.... any help you can offer would be great! My 8 yr old daughter wants a soccer room, so I'm trying to oblige!