Thursday, 5 March 2009

I Love Comments!!!

I was so excited this morning to find that I have my first bunch of comments on this blog! Yay! This gives me a huge boost, because now I know others are looking at my work, which is so exciting! I love that I might have already inspired one or two of you - that alone makes this blog worth it. I really want to give something back with this blog, because I've been inspired by so many wonderful blogs out there! If you're a quilter with a blog/website, please leave the URL in the comment section, as I'm always on the lookout for interesting sites.

I went on a couple of fabric sprees last week and am busily washing and ironing. Photos will be up soon, hopefully! Some beautiful finds!

Thanks for reading!!


Rochelle said...

I just found your blog this week. Fun to watch the trasformation of your quilts. Keep posting. I love to see what others are up to and gain inspiration from them.

Rhonda said...

I just found your blog, fantastic ideas. I absolutely love the disaster quilt and the owl fabric! Keep posting and I'll be here to read it!