Friday, 6 March 2009

Pink Quilt Progress - Part 2

I've made some progress on the pink quilt, despite this being a slow-quilting-week. Last night was really the first evening that my machine was used this week, but I did spend a couple of nights quiltifying my new fabrics (washing/ironing). I admit that I have stopped using the dryer for the fabric. I don't ever dry clothes in the dryer, so my own quilts will never shrink in one. I guess I'll warn whoever I give a quilt to, that it might shrink in a dryer, but since I wash the fabrics hot and iron them on the highest setting, I'm hoping that won't happen.

Anyway, here are 144 triplets (three 4x4" squares sewn together, or mostly sewn together as you can see on the bottom photo), which I will transform into 48 nine patches (hopefully this weekend or tonight), to then be cut up into quarters and mixed and matched for the final quilt. I really can't picture how this quilt will turn out, I'm good with shapes, but not colours :) Let's hope all this sewing, cutting and re-sewing will not be in vain!

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Heather said...

Holy moley that's a lot of pink, but I love it.