Friday, 20 March 2009

Ball of Despair (Help!!)

Ah, the more I look at my last entry, the more I'm horrified about the quilt top. What was I thinking? If you have suggestions how to save this that don't involve undoing the soccerball quilting I've completed already or unpinning the rest of the quilt, they'd be incredibly welcome.

Maybe I could gift it anonymously??? ... ??


Ginny said...

Sunshine, I comments on your other post about how I would fix it, hope that helps.

Oh and I do have a bit extra of the coffee fabric. Please email me privately at Gin1906 at aol dot com

I will me more than happy to send you a bit!

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Hi Sunshine!

I agree with Ginny about making the quilt lines look like it is bouncing. That would probably be the easiest effect. You can probably make the effect work with thread (either darker or lighter).

I was so surprised to see my blog on your blog roll. Thanks for adding me. Please stop by and visit any time. I always enjoy comments.


Crispy said...

Hi Sunshine, Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a nice comment. I do most of my responding in the comment section of my blog, but tried to e-mail you. After I hit send, I noticed you are no-reply LOL.

I agree with the 2 above and think that motion strips would help your quilt. Your idea of adding a person is good, but if a person would be too much, how about a leg and a foot, with the motion lines? Maybe a hand on the other side trying to block the ball (being a non soccer watching Yank, maybe hands aren't allowed in soccer LOL).

Anyway, Thanks for stopping by and I'll be back.

Crispy -