Wednesday, 18 March 2009

I'm In Moda Love

So for months, I've been awed by quilters blogging about the beautiful fabrics they bought with Kaffe Fassett or Moda designs. An out-of-province work trip let me discover a new quilt shop, this one specializing in quilts as opposed to general fabrics, and though I had promised not to spend a fortune, I couldn't help myself when I saw 9 bolts of the Bistro line of Moda fabrics and went for it. Ah, I'm dreaming of a quilt, and this one is definitely for myself... so far everything else was made with the intention to give them to someone else or ended up going that way anyway...

Here are my treasures:

I'm afraid I might get sick of panels if I ever go through with all my panel quilt plans, but I'd like to use this fabric for a quilt like this hopscotch one by Amanda Jean at Crazy Mom Quilts. I bought the red fabric to be the stand-out fabric similar to Amanda-Jean's orange block amongst all the pinks.

If anyone has better suggestions for a quilt, please send them my way. I have 1/4 m of each fabric.

I also found these cute flanelettes for future baby quilts:

The sheep for the backing, and the flowery fat quarter might be combined with the bugs and critters flanelette at some point, for a summer baby :)

Ahhh, fabric shopping makes me happy!!!


I Love Baby Quilts! said...

Love the sleepy Moo!

Junior's mama said...

Hi Sunshine
I'm working on a coffee table runner and it's Moda fabric. It's exactly the same set you have but mine came as a charm pack. Again...I have to say you are so productive ;-)

I went out for fabric shopping too much. Gotta stop and finish my projects.