Saturday, 7 March 2009

A Lot of Pink Sewing

I have a lot of pink-square-triplets waiting to be sewn into 9-patches...

I will be eternally grateful to the lady in my quilting course that tought me to feed one fabric pair after another through the machine and string string everything together. Saves time and thread! I'm all about conserving (in fact, tonight I politely told a lady that idling her car for no reason is bad for her pocketbook and the environment, but it didn't work... she just got snippy with me, even though I was quite nice about it, I thought).

I'm probably 1/3 through the patches, but today was a crappy day, and despite quilting being my refuge-activity, I just didn't feel like it anymore. The reason the day was crappy is that last night at 3:25am, I was woken up by a beer bottle crashing through my bedroom window. What an aweful way to wake up! I live on the 2nd floor, so whoever threw, had really good aim, if they did aim. The place where the bottle crashed through the pane is the most unlikely spot, I mean, look at it:

This is the actual position of the window at the time of impact. What are the chances of hitting that small space between the window panes???

Anyway, enough non-quilting related ranting. I hope this never happens to any of you, because it really feels like my apartment is not mine anymore - if anyone can just chuck their garbage in, really...

I did go fabric shopping though (see blog entry above) :) That was a sure mood-change-success!

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Junior Mama said...

Hi Christine
I'm so happy and keep smiling until now after reading your message. Thanks a lot. I didn't expect anyone will find my blog. I will post more about my second and third quilt top. So far I've not even tried to quilt my tops. Are you a machine or hand quilter?
Happy quilting weekend