Saturday, 7 March 2009

Pin Tip

I thought I'd share this with you: I've tried all kinds of ways to deal with pins, especially the problem of taking them out while sewing, but then needing them in another room on a more comfortable space to pin things together again. I got really tired of having to put them all into pin cushions, because the orienting and directing just took too much time. I ended up figuring out this trick by accident:

The needles all stick to a magnetic strip that I used to keep the table clothes in place on the filing cabinet that I have my sewing machine set up on (my quilting room is really really make-shift!) This is really convenient, as I can throw the needles on any which way, then I just pick up the strip and move to my comfy pinning place, somewhere in the sunshine, preferably, and start all over again!

Any neat ways of keeping pins organized other than normal pin cushions? Or maybe some really cool pin cushions?


Nichole said...

i have this little magnetic disc that i keep my pins on. similar to your magnetic strip. i think it's pretty easy.

Rhonda said...

I use a large magnetic bowl that I found at a hardware store. Ok, I bought my Mom's at the hardware store ... I stole my husband's from the garage, he used it for bolts and stuff. I love it. My main machine has a metal panel up the side the wheels are on so it sticks there out of the way, it sticks to the top of the ironing board and the chest freezer (where I usually cut fabric)

Leona said...

You are safe as long as you never get an electronic machine. Do not have a magnet anywhere near an electronic sewing machine but great trick for the machine you now have. Soon You will be the teacher and I will be the student!