Friday, 6 March 2009

Fabric Sprees

As mentioned before, I visited a couple of quilting/fabric stores over the past week.

One was the Avonport Discount Fabric Store in Nova Scotia - a tip from a work colleague and what a gold mine it was! Besides having a fantastic clearance sale on (I got most materials for 2-4$/m), they had an excellent sellection and really nice and helpful staff.
Since we're having a horrid, cold and icy winter here in Atlantic Canada, I ended up buying quite a few summery fabrics :)

I've been collecting greens since the beginning. I love love love greens and will make an all-green-quilt at some point. I was thinking about a log cabin, but maybe something more complicated.
Some of these next fabrics are the same as in the first photo, and I agree with other bloggers that colours can come out very differently on digital photos... The fabric on the right, for example, is actually a beautiful combination of warm (and some colder) purples, not quite as blue as shown here...

My second stop, and I'm loath to admit it, was the local Fabricville Store. The only reason I buy there is because it is on my way home from work and their discontinued fabrics are only 2$/m year-round. Also, they've started selling fat quarters (I know, they didn't before, and they won't cut them, only by the meter, and they have no clue about fabrics or quilting, with one or two exceptions... the staff there is treated like crap and every time I go, someone else works there, not an intimate store where employees know what they're talking about. Alas, affordable fabric will continue to make me stop in...). The fat quarters are usually of the more expensive materials, so it's quite a bargain (about half price of the same amount of fabric cut by the meter).

I had been admiring the butterfly material and matching blue-with-yellow-flowers fabric for a while, but wasn't willing to spend 14.99$/m, so this was a good deal for me.

Again, colours are totally skewed in this photo. The fabric on the right is much more yellow/ochre in colour. It's a colour I have and likely always will love, because the living room of the apartment I grew up in was painted that colour, so great childhood memories are associated with it. The light pink fabric will go into the pink quilt I'm making, as I was short fabric to complete all the nine patches.

My boyfriend is now scared of the amount of fabrics I have, so I guess I should start using them up for a while (means there'll be space for more).
I don't know if any of you has ever done this, but I was brave enough to tally up the $$ I've spent on fabrics so far (since September 2008, that is). I'm still below 1000$, so maybe that's pretty on par in the quilting world? :)


Nichole said...

my husband also gave me a strange look when my fabric stash started accumulating quite rapidly. i'm also trying to use up some of what i have before i buy more as well. it's hard though when there are so many great fabric choices out there!

sunshine said...

Hi Nichole! I know exactly what you mean, it's worse than going to the grocery store with a list of 4 items you need and coming out with three bag-fulls. I've considered changing my route for going home or taking my discount card out of my wallet, so that I don't get tempted to "just go in and have a peak" :)
Gosh, the best part about quilt-blogging is that finally people UNDERSTAND what I'm talking about!!