Saturday, 7 March 2009


I've decided that I should not have kids as long as I'm still a quilter - I would be a horrible mother and spend all my money on fabrics instead of baby food. Hmm.

As planned, I went fabric hunting today, to collect more theme patterns. It worked, and I added these fabrics to the character quilt pile:

Fish in a stream
(he's a salmon biologist, I don't think these are salmon, but I think he'll forgive me...)
Classical Music/Instruments
(this is, unfortunately, the best I could do after visiting 5 fabric stores in two provinces... it's a bit too kidlike for a 30+ year old, so I'll keep looking, but since I had so little luck before and this is the 45-min-away store, I decided to bought a quarter meter just in case. I did end up meeting a lady at the fabric store, which happened to have a quilt show on this afternoon, and her quilt had the perfect fabric in it: sheet music, simple black and white. She has a 3.5x3" scrap that she will send to me, so maybe maybe that'll be enough)

While in the store, I added two more interests:

Countryside Landscape
(because he always finds going to the countryside very peaceful and mentally refreshing)

Hardwood Forest
(loves going for a walk in the woods, especially when there are leaves on the ground)

In addition, I also ended up picking up a lot of other fabrics, OF COURSE!

These will probably be part of the borders around each theme panel. The one on the left has really cute tomatoes on it, if it matches the cook fabric, it'll be the border for that panel.

Totally random other fabrics:

This will be the funnest (I know, not a word :} ) kiddie quilt ever! I need to go find a toddler to give this quilt to (once it's made). My first thought was to make a four-patch out of the fabrics on the left, and put larger suares in between with the kite fabric (I bought more of this one). The red will be great binding. Maybe I'll try something more difficult though...
I've never tried, but I think I will love working with batiks. I'd like to make a quilt by this one (third one down, the blue one) by MelanieMade. I should venture into the world of triangles, instead of always doing squares. I'd still be doing straight lines, but the corners will be a bit more of a challenge, I expect.

With at least another colour to connect these two fabrics, it'll be a cute neutral baby quilt of frogs and bugs. I have a friend who's a frog fanatic, hopefully she'll have a baby in the next decade ;)

And now there are piles and piles of fabric to be washed and ironed...


Rhonda said...

Mmmm, I love the batiks. I just did a Tinkerbell quilt for my Daughter's 4th birthday and it ended up that all the best coordinating fabrics were batiks and I just love it - beautiful fabric to work with. I love the blue triangle pattern too, I think it would look great!

Leona said...

Welcome to the world of batiks! There is no fabric like it. I am sure that I have some of that black and white music note fabric in my stash and Helen probably has too. Call me to remind me to look for it or e-mail me. Was the store you were at The Bargain Fabric Outlet on the way to S'side? Lots of fabric there. I think Helen and I have created a monster! You've become a quilting machine. I'm glad you love it.