Sunday, 8 March 2009

Some Pink Strategy-Rethinking? Help please!

After a productive Sunday, I have finished sewing 9-patches (or so I thought... either I lost 3 along the way or miscounted...)

Ironed them into a much smaller pile...

And assembled the existing blocks on the floor...

Now, looking at this pre-quilt, I'm thinking that maybe I made the squares too small for a disappearing 9-patch? They're only cut to 4" square so by the time I've cut the 9-patches and sewn them back together, I'm looking at 3.5" squares with 1.5" squares and 1.5"x3.5" strips in between. Hmm. I wonder if it will be too busy?

I've come up with a few options:

  1. leave as is, as classical patchwork quilt
  2. continue disappearing 9-patch and hope it'll turn out somehow
  3. leave every second patch a normal 9-patch
  4. leave just a few blocks as normal 9-patches throughout the quilt

Any comments on those suggestions, or entirely different ideas to make all this work worth it in the end?


Heather said...

I think it looks cute like this. I always end up cutting pieces too small too. The idea of doing a few disappearing 9's also sounds great.

Angela said...

I love this little pink quilt! (Of course, I *am* a pink girl!) I think if you do want to do the disappearing 9s, at least leave a few blocks as normal 9-patches throughout the quilt... I am sure whatever you come up with will be lovely!

Leona said...

Christine as long as 5 of your fabrics are showing as DARK, I would continue with the Disappearing 9 patch.. The quilt would still be a great quilt and you would learn more from completing the project. Any little girl or pink person will love it and you will have a better vision of how to select colors to get the effect you want. I think your dark and lights have more to do with it than the size of the patch but that is just my opinion.

amandajean said...

i think if i were to make the quilt i would leave it as it is! it looks gorgeous laid out that way!!!