Tuesday, 17 March 2009

So Many Good Blogs!

Oh dear, I just checked out one of the updated blogs on my links (to the right of this), and looked at a comment, and followed that link, and found a new quilting blog, which recommended two good quilting blogs, which had comments and links to more quilting blogs, and now my list of blogs I check out has doubled, oh dear. Soon my quilt blog-reading and -blogging will compete with my quilting :) I'm so impressed by AmandaJean's Crazy Mom Quilts blog - I've seen so many recommendations for her blog on my browsing sprees, and I honestly don't know how she manages those 100+ comments she gets on her entries. The last time she had a question about a quilt pattern idea, there were 183 comments (last time I checked, anyway). That's just so impressive!

Anyway, in terms of quilting, I'm in the process of making the soccerball into a round shape and sewing it to the (very very simple top). I've put a back together also, just from some leftover flanelette pieces - love the colours, and almost like it more than the top ;) Photos to follow.

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