Wednesday, 25 November 2009

I'm Hopeless ;)

Yup. Again. I couldn't believe it either.

I once again didn't notice for a whole long quilting session that the backing fabric had folded over and was caught in the quilting...

Can I get away with "At least I haven't made this mistake with the same backing fabric?" Hahaha :)

On the bright side, I'm getting really good at taking out backing fabric without having to tear out quilting :)

Here's my technique: with the tiniest scissors I have (my 20-year-old basic Swiss army knife scissors), I cut really close to the seam, then tug on the fabric from the other side of the seam to pull it loose. It's finicky, but works quite well.

This quilt is now saved! It's the Batik 9-patch, by the way, and this will give you just a tiny sneak preview of the free motion quilting I'm doing. I'm very very excited about it, you'll see why when it's done! :)


Leslie said...

oh no...good thing you were able to save it

Crispy said...

I was appliqueing a few days ago and did the same thing and thought of you, it's a good thing we have that extra fabric on the edges...our safety zone LOL.


Anne at Film and Thread said...

Good idea! I would have pulled out the quilting stitches and been sad.