Thursday, 12 November 2009

Quilt Retreat Was Great!

I spent a lovely Fri evening to Sun morning at a quilt retreat organized by my guild. We had so much fun! It felt like being around girlfriends after living with only boys - fellow quilters get equally excited about new patterns, understand fabric hording and share the trials and tribulations of some techniques. How pleasant it is to not bore my listeners with quilting talk :)

We had some fun exercises like a quilting word-find - much bigger than you usually get in the little travel word-find books and with a quilting theme, so there were lots of Qs on the page which messed up my technique of looking for Os first! We were so quiet, the B&B owner came in asking if everything was alright :) I won a quilting magazine and a travel word-find book for finding all the words first.

On Saturday, everyone worked on their projects but there was a lot of walking around and seeing what the others were doing as well as learning new techniques just by watching.

Saturday evening we had some more activities: one included strip poker, with fabric strips :) And then we had a competition who could threat the most needles in one minute - wearing gloves! That was hillarious:

At the end of the day, we had show and share - here are some of the projects the others worked on at the retreat:

These were sets of reversible place mats that are made quilt-as-you-go and bind as you go:

A beautiful batik quilt - it's quilted stich-in-the-ditch using free-motion - that was a great lesson for me as I got to watch the whole process! (The secret is: go very very slowly)

A cute Christmas wall hanging and a why quilter :)

A type of memory quilt - every gift tag on the present in each box will have the name of a family member embroidered:

Fantasy landscape:

I loved loved loved these chicken!

She also finished this big quilt from very rich fabrics including Kaffe Fasset and batiks:
It was a totally inspiring weekend and very relaxing. I already look forward to the next one, hopefully in the spring!

Tomorrow I'll show you what I accomplished :)


Katie B. said...

How cool! Sounds like a fun weekend. I need to see if there's a guild where I live.

Crispy said...

What a wonderful time you had!! I love all the projects being worked on. It cracked me up that the B&B owner had to check on you guys. I wonder what you got done????


Leslie said...

there seem to be wonderful quilt retreats all over the place right now. they look like so much fun! love the game ideas