Monday, 2 November 2009

My Quilting Plan

Some of you wondered how I'm planning to quilt the Imagination 1/Soft quilt.  I have a couple of ideas in mind and drafted them for you in my highly sophisticated drafting program called powerpoint :)

Circles seem to be the dominant theme, I don't know if I'll get the column-theme in there too, or leave it at the pieced columns.  A work in progress ;)


karenfae said...

that will look good with the circles like that I think. Unusual design.

Karen said...

Oh I love your quilt and your plan to quilt it! The circles are fantastic and what a clever idea to see how it looks in power point before actually sewing (and ripping) if you don't like it. Have you thought of in the ditch for the columns? Although, I think circles all over could be really cool and a nice juxtaposition against the straight lines. Just a thought...

I totally know what you mean about the dilemma of cutting into your fav fabric and then you won't have any more for another (better) project! LOL! It's kinda silly when you think about it, but I do that too. Or I buy TWO fat quarters so I can use one and horde the other. It's crazy.

Crispy said...

IMHO the circles are wonderful, gives the piece lots of movement, like ripples in a pond.