Monday, 9 November 2009

I Love My New Space

Oh, the wait for my new table was absolutely worth it!

I've put it in its place, tons of light in this little outcrop of my living room.

I tested the setup last night and it's great! Once the tomato plants on the left are finished, I'll even have a bit more storage space on the table their standing on right now.

I think I'm going to be productive this winter... :)


karenfae said...

a nice sewing area you have - the windows are a nice touch in a sewing room for the extra light.

Karen said...

Fantastic sewing space!! The table is perfect.

Katie B. said...

I love the table! It's perfect. I'm working on my kitchen table right now, and it's such a pain.

Anonymous said...

Light is a definite must!!

Love it!

Nanci said...

Oh gee this reminds me of my little spot at the cottage. So bright and also compact.
I love it!