Thursday, 19 November 2009

I Wish I Wasn't

I am sick. Grr. I hate being sick.

And I was doing so well this month, a post a day!

And worst of all, I don't even have THE flu, or any kind of flu, just a rotten cold, which means I can still look forward to a possible flu later in the flu-season. That's just not fair!

Maybe I can come up with a quilty post for tomorrow, my third day off work... not getting that much quilting done either, mostly sleeping, and resting, and well, sleeping...


Crispy said...

Oh Christine, I hope you get better very quickly and just skip the flu later. You are doing good resting aka sleeping a lot.


Anonymous said...

Get well and don't worry about quilting. Just rest and stay hydrated. I find Popsicles help!

Anne at Film and Thread said...

Rest, fluids, and Vitamin C help sometimes. Hope you feel better soon!

karenfae said...

be glad you do not have the flu! sorry though that you have a cold.