Friday, 20 November 2009

Another UFO Update

So, I currently have 10 quilts "in progress" according to my side bar (you can find all the links there!).

I think it's likely that quite a few of them will be finished before 2010. The following are ready for quilting: Baby-Batik 9-patch, Baby-Rainbow Stacked Coins, Soft Quilt/Imagination 1 (thought it's handquilting, so this one definitely won't be done :)

I have Apple Owl 9-Patch and Baby-Wormy Apple ready for basting (thanks to my batting shopping spree earlier this week!) and I'm trying to make up my mind about borders for the Spring Squares and Oblongs and the Disaster Triple Irish Chain. Those are tricky, I've been struggling for a while now.

The MODA Northern Solitude baby quilt is still being hand-quilted, slow progress and it's on the back burner while the deadline quilts are in the limelight.

I received the final instructions for the mystery quilt on Wednesday, hurray!

Jennifer's Quilt (the modified log cabin) is still in the piecing-the-top stage, but this quilt will be done by December 14th. Yes it will. It has to be ;)

So, with this fresh list in mind, I'm off to quilting - though still sniffling through my day...

And lastly, WHEN will I ever learn not to COOK AND QUILT AT THE SAME TIME????

I thought I was only gone for 5 min, not 12, so how could I help my food burning to the bottom of the pan??? (Imagine innocent face with this statement :)


Anne at Film and Thread said...

You must be feeling better today if you are back to thinking of quilts and cooking!

karenfae said...

I constantly have to set a timer in the kitchen that doesn't go off until I shut it off or things would be forgotten on the stove! Luckily the timer on the stove is like that.

Katie B. said...

I'm a little overwhelmed by your UFOs! It sounds like you're making good progress.

Feeling better?

Leslie said...

that is a lot of quilts to work on.

Anonymous said...

Rice is the worst......I have a pan in the bleach water right now. I find straight bleach with a little water works wonders.......:) Hope you're feeling better.

Crispy said...

Oh yes, been there done that on Wednesday. I was steaming corn in my most favorite set of pots and let the water boil out. It has taken DAYS of scrubbing to get it shiney again. Karen's suggestion of a time is a good one.

Crispy - who's glad you are feeling much better!!

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Hey Sunshine, I think we have all stepped out of the kitchen "just for a minute"! What works best for me is to sprinkle a little bit of dishwasher soap (the kind for the dishwasher) and add a little bit of HOT water. Let it set and soak. Usually it lifts up the burned food off. (Did I say burned? who ME??) Anyway you do still have to scrub a bit, but the dishwasher soap seems to help a lot.