Monday, 23 November 2009

Last Quilting Class Tomorrow

My quilting class is almost over. Tomorrow night is the last class before the closing banquet the following week.

Overall, this course has been a lot of fun. I've agreed to teach again next year and am already thinking of patterns to teach then. I'm thinking that I'd like to give my students more choice in the pattern they'd like to do, which would be a bit more work for me but would accommodate a range of skills from beginner to someone who's taken the course several times before.

I'm thinking about offering a zigzag course, using either the triangle-method for the more advanced students or the rectangle-method for the newer ones.

In addition, I can figure out a triangle pattern just by rearranging the zigzag triangles... that'd be fun :)

So, I'll do some figuring, but if any of you have some fun ideas for beginner to intermediate quilts, shoot them my way!

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Crispy said...

I bet your students had a wonderful time and you will get some taking the class next year too :0)