Sunday, 1 November 2009

One Really Nice Clerk!

Another thing that happened last weekend is that I decided I deserve a sewing table.

No more suppers standing in the kitchen.

No more breakfasts at the kitchen counter.

No more clearing the sewing supplies away after a quilt session.

No more hassle!

So, where to get one... I thought of going the tedious route of yard sales and used-stuff websites, but it's getting too cold for yard sales here and the used-stuff sites are a major pain in the behind, I've made more than my share in bad experiences there.

So while I was running errands on Saturday, I stopped by the good old Canadian Tire Store - proudly Canadian-owned since 1931 as they are quick to advertise :) They usually have great bargains on kitchenware and other stuff (as in, it's not uncommon to have items 70-90% off, can you believe it?) and I was looking for a baking dish with a cover for taking food to potlucks without having to shift to tupperware in between.

While I was there, I thought, let's just have a look at their folding tables. Lo and behold, they had just what I was looking for, 55$, perfect size, great height and totally sturdy and heavy duty - jackpot!
While I was setting the thing up to test it's sturdiness, a young clerk came by, obviously concerned for the safety of the stores merchandise and offered his help. I said sure, why not, it'd be faster. He started explaining to me how the legs pulled out, and I politely let him know that my side of the table was already set up - it's really that easy ;) Once I had tested the table (got out a folding chair too, to check the height), he helped me put the table away again and then said "you'd probably like me to tell you if it's going on sale any time soon". I had to tell him twice, that yes, I would like him to do that. Then I actually asked whether it was going on sale. Amazingly, he checked his computer, magic password, bingalingaling and somehow new that as of next Friday, the same perfect-for-my-quilting table will be on sale for 38$. Well, I won't say no to that, because that means I can spend 16 $ on fabric :) (and don't forget all that stupid tax that get's added to the price at the cash.... do you guys in the States have to do maths before you buy or are your taxes included in the price tags?). I'm sure the clerk wasn't supposed to tell me that piece of information, so I recommended him on a comment card for superior customer service ;)

Anyway, next Friday at lunchtime my car and I are going to Canadian Tire - which on this occasion will walk free of its nickname 'Crappy Tire' :) - for a rendez-vous with my table. I may have the perfect spot for it too!


Karen said...

$38?!! That's a great bargain! I dream of having a dedicated space a.k.a. "quilt studio" to do my thing in.

Have fun with that new table!

Crispy said...

Whoo Hoo!! Great bargain to start out with and then to get it for even less....bonus!!


Cristin said...

yay for you! Yes, we have to do some quick math to add 7% tax or 6.75% tax or whatever it may be in that area. Annoying... but its built into my brain to look at the price tag and go "$38 + 7% tax is..."
Can't wait to see pics of your new table!