Sunday, 24 October 2010

Tickle Feather

My disappearing 9 patch variation has a name, thanks to the quilting I chose: Tickle Feather :)

I decided that all that white space around the quilt was primer property for some feather quilting practice.

I don't like marking patterns very much, so I just outlined a wavy line that was mirrored on both sides of the quilt and free-hand quilted the feathery loops. It's quite obvious it was done free-hand, but hey, it's a cuddly baby quilt and not a show quilt!

In the narrow strips, I quilted a doubly-looped vine, there wasn't that much space for anything bigger.

I also quilted-in-the-ditch around the large squares in the D9Ps - at least turning a baby quilt around and around is manageable!

Here's the quilt before washing:

And after (note that this is the crinkliest of all the pictures I have - lighting makes a big difference...)

All the pink chalk markings came right out of the white (PHEW!!).

One more project checked off on the QUIPs list!


Crispy said...

The quilting is wonderful!! I can't imagine drawing feathers free hand with a pencil let alone a sewing machine!!!!


Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Great job!

Katie B. said...

LOVE the quilting on this! It looks fantastic.

Leslie said...

this is gorgeous. i love how much detail you put into all of your quilts.