Thursday, 14 October 2010

Tree Of Hope

A professor I know from my post-graduate years and who helped me a lot when the going was rough has been fighting cancer for several years. He's about to get a bone marrow transplant and more chemotherapy in the coming weeks. I've stayed in touch with him since my graduation almost 3 years ago, and when I heard about the transplant, I decided to send him a little something to show that I'm thinking of him. I'm not all that good with words when it comes to sad occasions (you should have seen me struggle with a condolence card I was writing for someone else yesterday), so I did what I'm good at: quilting.

I opted for a small wall-hanging - if he likes it, maybe it'll brighten up his hospital room for him!
I zig-zagged around each leaf and the stem to hold the pieces in place.

Next, I added a bit of swirly quilting for some movement in the quilt - could be wind swirling around the tree?

I used black backing fabric...

... with the different colours of thread I used, the quilt is almost reversible :)

Because of the light background fabric, the quilting really stands out from the shadows that are created - I like that effect a lot!

Often such trees are called trees of life, but he already has life, so I'm calling it tree of hope, since that's what I hope he has lots of!
I hope he likes it and that it adds some happiness to this tough time. While I was making the quilt, I also mused about the connection of transplant and tree. I think I chose a good metaphor for the whole situation, wouldn't you say?


Leslie said...

this is amazing...what a kind and thoughtful gift. i love how the quilting looks.

Katie B. said...

Wonderful. It really is the image of hope. Such bright and fresh colors--it's sure to bring encouragement and comfort.

P.S. Your quilting is fantastic.

Anne at Film and Thread said...

It is a really meaningful gift with a great design and I think it will bring him hope and hopefully a full recovery.

Crispy said...

My thoughts and prayers go out to your friend Christine. Your gift of love and hope will be cherished.


Nanci said...

Oh you sweet girl! So very generous and the gift will be so loved!

Anonymous said...

that is so beautiful ! love it!