Sunday, 31 October 2010

Happy Halloween!

We have a great farmers market in town - it's held every Saturday, and yesterday I saw the most amazing and cute cup cakes with eyes! I bought one of each kind with eyes - they're adorable!

So let me introduce you to the Mummy:

The Blue Monster:

And the Spider:

Look at his cool legs!

I can't decide which one's my favourite, the mummy (so cute behind all its bandages) or the monster :) I saw the monster first and thought it was the grouchy garbage can dude from Sesame Street - that shows how much I'm into halloween, right??? *Grins*

On the way home from the market, I was thinking I might just keep the cup cakes and look at them forever (so cute!), but I figured the cup cakes might grow mold. Then I thought I could just keep the tops with the decorations and let them get hard for eternal gazing at the cuteness - the cup cakes themselves would be quite happy to reside in my stomach.

However, I made that plan without considering the Blue Monster!

Look, he ate both his buddies within minutes of me taking the group photo! Gasp! I guess he didn't like liquorice - he left the spider legs behind...

So no display of cute monsters in the next few months...

Now, before I go and wipe some icing off my chin (how did that get there, anyway????), I need to announce that Prince Edward Island, Canada, yes the far north (*smile*) has had its first snow of the winter yesterday! I took pictures to prove it!

See those white specks against the blue house??? Yep, that's snow, take my word for it! *So* exciting!

It turned into a gentle hail (does that exist??? It looked like hail but it drifted instead of falling and hitting things at high speed) not 5 min later (and then sunshine 10 min after that), but I'm pretty pumped about winter right now anyway.

Yeah, I know - that'll last just until the 2nd good snow storm and the 3rd morning of scraping my car...

... but hey, the days are getting pretty cozy starting around 5pm! Candle light just warms the heart, doesn't it?


Crispy said...

Ya gotta watch those monsters, they will eat anything and they are so messy while doing it, he splattered the frosting on your chin LOL.

Something is wrong, your live North of me and we have LOTS more snow than you!! Thankfully it will melt off by the end of the week but still, it's the principle of the thing.....:0)


Leslie said...

SNOW!!! you lucky girl! we are dying to have some here, but in NY it will be a bit longer, probably december. i love those cupcakes. i was going to ask if they tasted good but as i read on i got my answer!

Pokey said...

I thought he was the cookie monster, but I guess he is his cousin...That mummy is adorable, it was new to me. I hope a certain monster doesn't get a tummy ache.
Cute post! Happy Halloween! pokey

Rebekah said...

these are too cute!