Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Granny Square Endeavours

When I had strep throat last month and was off from work several days, I was so bored that I started a whole bunch of new projects: quilting, knitting and crocheting. Apart from the quilting, which is of course ongoing, the crochet project has taken off the most. I'm making a granny squares blanket. Not sure how big yet, these things tend to get heavy. It might just be decorative for the back of the couch.

I chose warm colours, red, pink, purple and brown - I guess I was craving comfort ;) I bought the wool at a store around the corner; it's Island-made and dyed here as well. The store also sells fantastic knitwear, made right in front of your eyes at the back of the store on big machines.

Here's my progress to date, about 45 squares. I have another 45 squares in preparation at various stages. I'm making all possible variations of pink, purple and red in the center, with a brown outline. Amazing how different the squares look just by changing up the colours in each layer, isn't it??


Leslie said...

this is going to look great and be wonderful to cozy under during the cold winter.

Crispy said...

Pretty colors and squares :0) I remember making a HUGE granny square blanket many many many years ago. I finally tossed it when we moved in '99.


Anonymous said...

those are great!
i also grew up calling quilts with odd random squares in various sizes granny squares.

Rebekah said...

Your blanket is so pretty. I like the colors you chose...I always have a soft spot for granny squares (they're the only things I know how to crochet)