Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Filmstrip Cafe Open For Business

So, I didn't lie about having two finishes on my QUIPs list!

I've been busy binding my Filmstrip Cafe quilt - loving this quilt was enough motivation for me!
I was too lazy to clip it up to my quilt display, so I tried taking a picture of this quilt on my bed - it was difficult! Here's the best you're going to get ;)

The quilting on this puppy is straight, all of it. I did lines 1/4" from the seam on the brown sashing, then about 1" in on the printed fabrics because the 8x8" squares seemed too big to leave unquilted.

A few more parallel lines on the border...

... and quilting in the ditch for the stripy part of the quilt.

I like the picture above because the blue-brown fabric is my favourite in this quilt (and it's not even from the Bistro line of fabrics ;) I think it's tranquility...
I'm proud to say that I did an excellent job on the quilting in the ditch. I hardly ever slipped up and crossed the seam, phew!

I really enjoyed working with the binding fabric - it was a bargain purchase in a general fabric store last year and it handled really well - it ironed flat, the sewing threw it went smoothly and it felt amazingly cool and smooth.

This quilt has been done for about a week, and I've just been staring at it. I think it will migrate to my couch soon to get some usage ;)


Leslie said...

oh nice...a quilt to keep!! those are the best kind. i love making them for other but when you can snuggle under your own it is really nice. i love the colors in this

Crispy said...

Another job well done girl friend!! I love that you have been sitting and staring at it for the last week. I do that too before I put it away or send it off :0)


Joan said...

Great work. looks good enough to be grabbed and cuddled in!